Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Walk Through Pune

With our full work schedule, my sightseeing had been confined to what I could see out a car window. Absolutely wild street scene, but hard to take pictures out that window. I guess it didn't matter anyway, because a few hours after my return my hard drive crashed, and I lost all of my India photos except those already posted to this blog, and those still in the camera. (Yes, I am cheating by writing this after I got home, but sometimes you run out of time.)

Still, some street impressions:
• Tons of people, rich, poor, and in between, but all very busy.
• Some begging here and there, but not massive amounts. Just about everyone seems to be figuring out how to make a buck... but then Pune is a boomtown.
• Near 100-degree heat, but very dry, not at all oppressive.
• Street vendors every few feet, selling just about anything; not just in a particular district, but pretty much everywhere you go.
• Yes, I had to veer off the sidewalk to avoid an oncoming cow. Hey, it was bigger than me and had horns! I couldn't spot an owner. (This two blocks from my 5-star hotel.)
• I found the peoples' faces wonderfully expressive but didn't want to invade their privacy by shooting their portrait. But a little later three construction workers saw I had a camera and insisted on posing for me. Great photo, lost forever.

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